WHAT IF YOU COULD USE THE GREATEST TECH GADGETS WHENEVER YOU WANT, FOR A FRACTION OF THE PRICE? We believe technology empowers you. We believe that it should be your right to access technology. - Whether it is a computer giving you instant access to information, a camera allowing you to capture your life, or speakers enabling you to listen to the best music. This is why we want to make the greatest tech gadgets accessible for you whenever and wherever you need, completely securely and conveniently .
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Company Overview

Launched in 2018, and based in London, UK, TRYATEC is the online marketplace for you to list, discover and rent the greatest technology gadgets. Whether it's a professional camera for your business shot, a drone for your surfing trip or a VR gear for the latest gaming experience, with TRYATEC you can rent gadgets for a fraction of the price. What's more, TRYATEC is the easiest way to finally monetise your gadgets and showcase them to a great audience. After years of market research and testing, hundreds of hours of meetings and endless sleepless nights, we are proud to open up our safe marketplace for you to share technology conveniently.
The idea for TRYATEC was born when we ourselves experienced the problem of having no convenient access to cool tech, without needing to first pay a high price. We are here to change this. We are here to introduce the sharing economy into the electronics industry.
Greater tech experiences. Greater income. And most importantly, greater sustainability. By promoting collaborative consumption, we aim to reduce electronic waste and introduce more sustainable consumption patterns into the electronics industry.
Be part of the game.

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